Why hire me?

I care about your images as if they were my own.


I edit your images to perfection. If this means I spend an hour on a photo, then that is what I do. I treat each image as if they will be hung on my walls in my home. If I wouldn't hang them on my walls, I don't release them to my clients.


I see your images as art. I am not a shoot and burn photographer that books 100 sessions in 100 days like a machine.

I get to know my clients and carefully shoot and choose your images so I am showing you the absolute best. I constantly try to push the envelope to get fresh, new, interesting shots.


I have high standards. I generally show between 100 and 250 carefully chosen images per session. I strive to give my clients the best locations for their sessions and to show multiple backgrounds and groupings in their galleries. I work hard to provide gentle direction to my clients to help them along during the session so their galleries are interesting and full.

I provide my clients a gallery that I would want to receive, and I am a tough customer!


In the past 15+ years I have seen almost everything photographing newborns and families! Family dynamics are a special thing and are very different from family to family. I have the experience it takes read a family quickly- to soothe fussy newborn babies, to befriend wild 3 year olds, to engage shy school aged kids and to be funny enough to keep the attention of reluctant teens. I also know how to keep Dads on board long enough to get the shots we need! Some may even report that they had a good time... (maybe!)

All the while setting up for a shot you will love!

Before Editing

After Editing