A Newborn session with a sibling

I am always ready for a marathon when shooting a newborn... Add a toddler sibling and you better add in a good dose of silly and a few buckets of patience too! I told this mama on the phone during our planning session (like I tell all new mama's) the baby will be a piece of cake- it's your toddler that will be the wildcard! Toddlers usually dictate how the shoots will go during newborn sessions- especially if you want them in the photos. This session was no different!

This sweet baby slept through almost the entire session, let me pose her, wrap her, fuss with her headband and take her from room to room without a peep! She was simply gorgeous, a relaxed beautiful soul. Mom and Dad were beaming and if you didn't see the newborn you would have never guessed they had just had a baby a week prior! Mom looked absolutely radiant - I know for certain I did not look like that a week after having my kids! Little miss toddler was in and out, up and down, forwards and backwards, smiles and frowns. Just as I expected! By the end of the shoot we were fast friends! I even got a hug! My favorite...